2021. 4. 19. · Uranus in 7th House. Uranus is the planet of surprise, sudden change and upheaval. 7th house also describes partnership and marriage so a Uranus in the 7th house placement indicates challenges in relationships. In the 7th House, Uranus provides us with freedom of self-expression and the courage and strength to make change in our lives. uranus's dignified in sag & jupiter in aqua saturn in scorpio's conjunct desc. ur need for an aquarian partner's strong. it doesn't hve to mean divorce followed by another divorce. it just means u hurried into the previous marriage which of course is uranuss' speciality if it wasnt ur decision. 2020. 5. 29. · Neptune in the Seventh House indicates a relationship in which the native gives of him or herself much more than he or she receives from the other side. This usually applies to romantic relationships, marriage included. The native wears pink eyeglasses and indulges the partner, without asking anything in return.

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